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  • euromilitaria gold ship

    Nazi gold ship found

    A group of British treasure hunters have found a chest that could contain up to £100million in Nazi gold in the wreck of a German cargo ship off the coast of Iceland.
    UK-based Advanced Marine Services found a box containing up to four tons of valuable metal, believed to be gold from South American banks, in the post room of the SS Minden, which sunk in 1939.
    The gold was believed to be on board the ship and headed to Germany when the boat sank 120 miles southeast of Iceland on September 24, 1939, shortly after World War II began.


    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4722174/British-treasure-hunters-100million-Nazi-gold.html#ixzz4ppLk7CVD


  • Battlefield digger tours

    Battlefield digger tours

    Join the Battlefield digger tours on a time travel back to the european battlefields of ww2.


    Battlefield digger tours

  • T34 Tank Rescued

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    Frigidaire plant converts to Service goods production

    Frigidaire – How a Frigidaire plant converts to Service goods production during 1940s.

  • railings3

    Secret London: the mystery of London’s World War II railings

    “During WWII there was a national scrap drive especially active in London

    where a lot of railings were grubbed up and sent off to be scrapped. I have never been able to find out what really happened with this pre-emptive move to destroy London before the Luftwaffe but it seems that program was more of a public relations exercise rather than of any practical use and the railings were dumped.”

    “I have heard tell of them being dumped in the Thames and being used as ballast for ships leaving the Port of London. It is said that seaport buildings in Guyana and Nigeria still sport rather nice Georgian railings.”

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